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Hi, everyone - interested in reading how I'm doing? This is where you will find what I am willing to share publicly ...


...feeling a bit guilty, a new blog post is quite overdue!!! Well as you can imagine didn't get that in since my last one being simply really busy: The Oasis Papagayo's first tennis tournament is currently up and running, and a quite a number of things apart from the hotel work are keeping me busy, in a positive way though! Training... got in 6 runs in the past 10days, over 4,5,7.5, 2x10 and 1x12km all at base pace and rode 45,4x30,1x86 and 2x65km of which the short routes where very slow, on the others I managed to at least do some over-gearing on Fuerteventura's climbs. 

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Calle Pedro y Guy Vandaele, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain
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